A gym routine without a personal trainer

Cardio workout

Being your own personal trainer can be difficult and will have its trying times however the payoff is good. You will be able to gain different needed skills in order to get your body and mind in order. Here we have a few tips on how you can go through your gym routine without needing to hire a personal trainer.

Setting goals:

In order to be your own personal trainer or a fitness business consultant, you need to understand exactly what you want. Clearly set out your goals and understand that this is a crucial part of the plan to get fit. You need to improve your sports performance while aiming to lose weight.

What’s in your diet?

While exercising and doing physical activities is good for losing weight but you also need to be eating right. Diets work on a basic principle. You don’t need to give up your junk food completely nor do you need to do a complete overhaul of your diet. You will need to make adjustments from smaller portions to getting enough carbohydrates and proteins.

The exercise plans

When you are your own personal trainer you need to combine both strength training and aerobic workouts in order to get fit. Your workout doesn’t need to be difficult. Did you know the workout that you choose is more important than the consistency and the intensity of the sessions?

Motivation to keep at it

Gym routineJust like a personal trainer you hire you will need to deal with the challenges. You will go through stages of wanting to give up but here you are on your own without the motivation from a personal trainer, so you need to do your best in order to keep motivated and stay on track. Find what motivates you and add that to your workout routine. Set small goals that are easy to accomplish as this will aid in keeping your motivated to do better than the session before. A really good marketing work done for a personal fitness trainer can easily get to anyone. But the ones who manage to dodge the temptation are the ones who are quite motivated to make something out of themselves. 

Switching it up

If you have already mastered your routine, then this is a sign that you should shake up your routine. You may only need to make slight alternations in order to see a change especially if you are fairly new to fitness. It is quite easy to trick our bodies with small modifications along with small micro progressions. If you have been doing three sets of five difficulties, then you may need to increase five more each week and see if you handle that ok. Increasing won’t only just give you more results but it will help to get you out of a potential plateau. Try doing a variety of workout activities to avoid getting sick of the one thing. If your main focus was on circuit training then you should add some jogging, swimming or dancing into the mix. Doing this means your body will be using a different set of muscles which will allow you to build endurance.

Get yourself a workout buddy

While you don’t have a personal trainer in order to keep you motivated you can always just consider inviting your best friend to work out with you. It can add some fun and laughter into the mix while keeping you on track and motivated. Your workout buddy needs to be someone who you feel committed to but also someone that can be a bit tough to keep you motivated and focused without letting you slack off. Workout buddies can keep you motivated and also help you through the tough times if you are feeling a little sick of it and wanting to throw the whole exercise thing in the rubbish bin.

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