Family Health and Wellness Fun Fest

Nearly 300 people attended the Family Health and Wellness Fun Fest in the Centralia Recreation Complex Thursday in Centralia. Linda Knolhoff, Wellness Coach in the Felician Wellness Centerat the Rec Complex, said the event brought people together to have fun and learn about health resources within their own community. She added that we highlight fun expressive and physical (arts/crafts) actions and valuable health information to benefit our residents.

Events included an interactive Expo in which exhibitors shared resources, advice, and did demonstrations and actions such as create your own trail-mix and create your own edible fruit sculpture. Also, many different fun recreation-based activities and games have been provided, like an obstacle course, parachute games, beginning yoga for adults & youth, and gymnastics for beginners. Additionally, mini 30-minute seminars and workshops included topics like healthy eating, reflexology, health benefits of engineered timber products, and diabetes prevention.

Blood pressure screenings were also available at the event. Knolhoff said that something as simple and easy as a blood pressure screening can make an important difference in becoming more conscious of their own health and taking steps to create healthier choices. Door prizes were drawn each hour and included recreation gear, Balloon Fest moves and more. Additionally, everyone who attended received a free pass to the Centralia Recreation Complex and other “goodies” under its laminated architectural timber frames.

This event was planned by a group of students participating in the University of Illinois’ Rural Interprofessional Health Professions Preceptorship Program. The four students participating this summer are analyzing pre-medicine, health management and interdisciplinary health.

Meanwhile, with construction of a $25-million recreation complex spanning 25 acres now underway with frannas, drake low loaders and cranes for hire, Murphy stated LStar Management’s redevelopment of the former foundation is developing a space that Weymouth, Abington and Rockland residents can enjoy once more. Murphy, a Weymouth Democrat, said that this place isn’t one of another entity, but that it’s becoming increasingly a part of every of the towns.

LStar representatives, state and local officials and leaders and players from many sports organizations gathered Monday in Union Point, previously called SouthField, to celebrate the beginning of work on the complex. The complex will include three multi-use turf areas with domes, a law turf rugby field, outdoor basketball and pickleball courts, a Wiffle ball field, a park with a playground, a dog park and a full sized restaurant. The present gym will be completely redone also.

Kyle Corkum, CEO and managing partner of LStar Communities, stated diversion Complexes are a much needed resource on the South Shore, and sports help create the sense of community he and his staff hope to bring to Union Point. Sports teaches kids about cooperation and partnership, and sacrificing for the common good. They bring people together families collectively and communities together. For the Corkum, this was not just another project. It’s a community building resource that is not only important to Union Point as well as the cities of Weymouth, Rockland and Abington, but the South Shore as a whole.

Corkum said the courts and fields will be operational within 90 days, and the restaurant and fitness center will be finished by the largest telehandlers crane services on hire next spring. Since taking charge of the property in the spring of 2015, North-Carolina programmer LStar has made strides in bringing on a vision for the site over a decade in the making. Both previous master programmers, LNR Property Corp. and Starwood Land Ventures, often clashed with local officials. In 2014, the prior supervision agency South Shore Tri-Town Development Corp. voted to fire Starwood as master developer.

That same year, the Legislature reset the project’s timelines and supervision by creating the SouthField Redevelopment Authority, substituting Tri-Town as the oversight agency. The move rejuvenated the job and set the stage for LStar to take over. Weymouth Town Council President and state Sen. Patrick O’Connor called the project a ‘once in a generation opportunity’ which will bring new jobs and economic growth to the South Shore.

“Behind us, those are jobs,” he stated, signaling to the construction and building crews. “Those are people going to work every single day, working on a project, working on a vision.” In addition to being available to the community, the diversion facility will host several sports organizations, such as International Premier Soccer, Laxachusetts and Boston Rugby Club.

Joe Bradley, CEO of Global Premier Soccer, stated he has seen countless facilities, and it is unheard of to have four turf areas in 1 place, particularly three having domes. “That separates this as a leading facility in North America,” he proclaimed.

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