9 Ideas for Taking your Exercise Outside

If you resemble the countless other Americans who have put on a couple of additional pounds recently, spring implies it’s time to work it out! With the wonderfully crisp air and the sun reaching through the clouds, we are going to take the exercise outdoors – since just being outdoors is healthy, too.

Exercising does not need to be something difficult or challenging – you can do it in your very own yard with your kids and their math or English tutor. It is as basic as that! Taking the exercise outside has to do with using exactly what is around you – no need for elegant exercise devices.

We spoke to numerous physical fitness specialists and trainers in the Kankakee location to take the thinking from physical fitness. They inform us exactly what to do, ways to do it and why to do it – whether it is a particular workout or some inspiration. So let’s put on our tennis shoes and sweat bands and get to it!

1. Choose a walk. “Walking is one of the most underrated forms of activity,” stated Dr. Aaron Thompson, director of the Athletics Program at Olivet Nazarene University. “A lot of research shows walking just 30 minutes a day can reduce colon and breast cancer and Type 2 diabetes.”

2. Stair Steppers. “Stair steppers for 30 seconds can get your heart rate up,” Thompson stated. This workout can be carried out in the yard or at a park, and can be done at a speed that fits the person. “All you do is find some steps — like the ones on your back porch — and step up and back down them. Do it fast or slow and in 30-second intervals,”

3. Do something enjoyable. Thompson suggests choosing something you really like. “Don’t do an exercise you don’t enjoy,” Thompson stated. .”With exercise you have to find something you like; otherwise, you won’t do it.”

4. Squats. For a simple and easy workout, Yvonne Mills, adjunct trainer and individual fitness instructor at Kankakee Community College, recommends squats. For individuals with bad knees or backs, Mills advises just a half-squat. “For the more experienced, grab that log off the pile from winter and hold it against your body just above the chest,” Mills stated, to include a little personal weight resistance and training into the squat.

5. Swimmers. This one may seem more complex at first, but it’s just like swimming once you give it a try, stated Mills. Lay flat on the ground with arms extended next to your head and with your face about 1 or 2 inches from the ground. Raise your right arm and left leg about 2 to 3 inches from the ground and repeat with the left arm and best leg.

6. Stretch. Stretching is unwinding and helps awaken muscles that aren’t used on a daily basis. It is also an excellent way to cool off after an exercise. “Be sure to always stretch out at the end of your workout and breathe in all that fresh air,” Mills stated.

7. Do you. Don’t worry about what other individuals think when taking your exercise outside! Simply put in a set of earphones and step to the beat. “Remember you’re working out for you,” stated Daythan Nottke, developer and CEO of BodyBurn in Kankakee. Just like in work and school, you have your own path. If this means finding a chemistry tutor online, then find an outdoor workout regime online too.

8. Hill Strolling. “Use your environment,” Nottke stated. “Find a hill locally and challenge yourself to walk up it. You can jog to add more of a challenge.”

9. Discover a New Path. “Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone,” Nottke stated. “People don’t work out at home because there is no challenge there.” Nottke motivates exercisers to discover a brand-new place to walk to or a brand-new path to trek. It has to do with getting fresh air and enjoying yourself.

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